Lubbock Daycare Downloads

These files are useful in selecting a childcare facility and understanding what all daycare providers should be doing.

Kids are Cool - Parent Handbook - Click Here

At Kids Are Cool, our lesson plans are written with age appropriate, developmental milestones as our guide. By doing this, we often catch small delays. If we suspect a delay, we use progress reports to help discover any developmental issues, then schedule a meeting with the parents to discuss our findings.

Developmental Milestones PDF - Click Here

Progress Reports PDF - Click Here

ECI Handbook PDF - Click Here

Ear Infections PDF - Click Here

Hearing Quiz PDF - Click Here

Child Abuse PDF - Click Here

Child Proofing Your Home PDF - Click Here

Dyslexia PDF - Click Here

Kids PDF - Click Here

Playground Safety Handbook PDF - Click Here

Safety Baby Checklist PDF - Click Here

The Safe Nursery PDF - Click Here

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