Picking The Right Daycare For Your Child

In this edition of the Director’s Corner, I want to talk about picking the right Daycare for your Child.

Start online with the states website for all Licensed Centers.  There you can look up a Centers History for the last Two Years.  This should get you a short list of Centers that you want to visit.  Their website address is listed below:

Texas State Standards for Childcare is called MINIMUM STANDARDS.  You can review the guidelines and the personal history of any center by going to the following website:


Once you have a list of Centers you want to visit, don’t rush.  Leave your house a little early, stop by the Center on your way to work.  Mornings are always the best time to visit.  It’s when they’re the busiest and it let’s you get an idea of their Staff Manning and how they perform when they’re at their busiest.

Then just trust your senses.

  1. Listen to the children as they enter, are they happy and excited to come to school.  If not, it may indicate a place where they’re not as loving and caring as you may wish.  This is especially true with the younger children.
  2. Look and Smell, does it smell clean, does it look clean.  If your answer is No, is this a place where you want your child to attend.  It could result in you missing work taking care of a sick child.
  3. Ask to Speak to the Director.  If the Director is gone, ask them how many hours the Director is normally there each week.  This way, you get a specific answer.
  4. Are they a Texas Rising Star Facility?
  5. As you take your tour of the facility:
    1. Are the rooms in control?
    2. What’s the background noise like, happy or anxious?
    3. Ask about the Curriculum and the Class Schedule, they are not the same.
    4. And finally, once they show you the room they will place your child in and you meet your Child’s Teacher, ask her how long she’s worked there and how many years experience she has in Childcare overall.

There are many more questions you can and should ask, but this is a good first step

Tools for picking the right daycare:

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